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Michael Jackson

Book Buzz November 02, 2016


Michael Jackson

Author Details

Where I Live
Michael Jackson was born in Jacksonville, Florida at the age of four he was raised in one of the worst ghettos in the city of Philadelphia. His first break in life was through a Quaker woman who sponsored him in an educational program. This taught him that no matter where you are in life you always need at least one good person to help you. He escaped Philly to become a member of the United States Marine Corp where he traveled the United States and the world. During this time he came across many hardships and struggles. A business man and husband, Michael Jackson went from suit and tie to a untreated bipolar person that was homeless. Losing his family, friends, and loved ones after a fluctuating history with drugs, alcohol, and the law he now uses his knowledge and experience towards helping others through his non-profit organization, Think Then Choose Wisely. Now today he stands before you, 7 years without a drop. Now fully reconnected with his spiritual side he says, "They used to call me an alcoholic and a drug addict, but now they call me Mr. NPO."

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