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Charol Messenger

Charol Messenger Updated March 15, 2017



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Charol Messenger’s books are practical spirituality for personal growth. She has received 11 awards on seven of her fifteen titles. In 2016, she won three international Book Excellence Awards: 1st Place Winner in personal growth, You 2.0; Finalist in spirituality, Humanity 2.0; Finalist in new nonfiction, The Power of Courage, her memoir on how her spirituality gave her the courage and resolute spirit to outmaneuver an abusive narcissist in her life.

Messenger's 2016 award-winning titles also received: The Power of Courage Finalist 2015 in women's issues; and Humanity 2.0 Finalist 2012 in both USA Best Book Awards and CIPA EVVY awards, as well as a 3rd Place EVVY in 2001 for the first edition, The New Humanity. Additional national Finalist awards: The Soul Path and Intuition for Every Day in 2015, Wings of Light in 2012, and I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can in 2005.
Charol Messenger

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Where I Live
Denver, Colorado
Charol Messenger has reached over 62,000 readers through her books and blog on helping people rise to their better natures, being Higher Self, and how to live every day Higher Self conscious. A certified lightworker and certified clear channel of the Spiritual Hierarchy, she published the international newsletter Global Citizen bi-annually 1989-90, subscribed to in twenty nations. Founder of the Books for Iraq charity, she has a B.A. in English, philosophy, and world religions from the University of Colorado. Also an award-winning book editor and awakened clairvoyant-empath, she lives in Colorado.


Introducing Charol Messenger...
Hear the Divine? by Charol Messenger
Futurist-by Charol Messenger

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