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Carrie Ellen Mohn

Carrie Ellen Mohn Updated February 06, 2018



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Carrie Ellen Mohn
Carrie Ellen Mohn

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Carrie Ellen Mohn
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“Song for the Maker” is an alliterated alphabet of Psalm 148, illustrated with creatures singing in awe of each other and their Maker who vows to preserve them. This is a picture book is both for children and adults. Its spirit offers a unique place of mind for all.

The cover image was painted from a photo of the nebula Orion, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope Team. Some think the non-gravitational belt of stars in Orion are the “loosening stars” that God refers to in the book of Job.

The Psalm text came from comparing three Bible translations. Those translations are: ‘New International Standard Version of the Holy Bible’, ‘The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures’, and ‘The Hebrew Interlinear Bible’ by the Scripture4All Foundation of the Netherlands. Much help also came from ‘Strong's Exhaustive Concordance’ in ‘The Word Bible Software’ created by Costas Stergiou of Greece. Verses five and sixof the Psalm 148 are placed at the end of the story. These verses not only give the source of the creatures’ joy, but offer one explanation of God’s intentions for creating the world.

The alliteration was aided greatly by two rich veins from the mines of word lists: Visuwords, designed by Paul Dunn of Calgary, Alberta, and the Phonistry by Steve Chrisomalis of Detroit, Michigan.

The lovely type font itself is called Fifteen 36 and was created by Graham Blakelock of York, England, who was inspired by 16th century Venetian Roman book texts.

Additionally there is an alphabetical listing of design motifs or visual devices,which would be of value to art enthusiasts. The list can be used to identify design motifs used in the illustrations in this book.

The author says in the forward, "This book is intended for children and for adults. I hope that this ambiguity will not diminish its spirit." 

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