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June Barefield

JuNe B Updated February 15, 2014



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CEO, owner, operator, GOLD medal winner of....


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A "must read" Wordsmith
I have been a huge fan since the first read of June Barefields masterpieces a few years back.
June's unique ability to bitch slap you in the face with consciousness and reality while making you crave more is remarkable.
I have never read anyone who has done it better and with such a forceful subtleness. I am left in awe at the end of each read.
If you pick up no other books this year, make sure you don't miss on this one !
A true treasure.
Tank you for sharing your insights with the universe June !
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Intellectual Out Pour of the Lyrical Concepts of Truth
From the first words of June that captivated us of our old stomping ground " The Poetry Corner" until now,June has always had a way making your mind embrace his thoughts.Lessons he teaches of what it is,lessons taught of what it was and rephrasing and pushing the limits of lessons that will be.With each heartbeat he etches letters that become words and words that form phrases, stanzas, and lines that gracefully come together to create melodies that transition the mind.I encourage each and every person to journey with June,allow yourself to be taken away,listen through his ears and see though his eyes as you read his Master Pieces of work, you will not be disappointed and this I promise.A Brother and True Friend June Barefield, check him out for yourself get a copy for yourself and give one to a friend.
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It isn't normal to open up a book of poetry and look at the last few pages as the starting point. But, this is what I did after receiving B4 THE DAWN. I was mentally catapulted into the world of the man and his muse. I suggest that when embracing this book--start with the About The Author Section, as well. That's where you will find an incredible backstory of this avant-guard collection of poetry. This section gives powerful insight to the man and his poetic magic.

To the lovers of great poetry, I suggest that you read the title before each,read the poem...then, marvel at the continuity of thought that evolves in each piece. You'll get caught up in the June Barfield Backdraft. Many pieces will burn into your consciousness as you examine self through the words and paradigm of this phenomenal writer.

I salute June Barefield, the artist who has penned and compiled a work that is reflective of the mental, emotional, political, and spiritual state of America. Especially, those in the midst of an urban environment.

Well done, Bro. June.

Justina Wheelock
Novelist/ Screenwriter/Poet
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B4 the dawn
June Barefield is a writer in a league of his own. He is not like any other writer To read one of his poems is not like visualising stanzas or being romanced by rhyming words, you see, reading one on June's poems is like being in the middle of a raging revolution. Seeing the Berlin wall fall or seeing Marines put up the American flag in Iwo Jima is more of comparison than another writer's poem. His words are an experience- a roller coaster ride of sharp edged realities and uncomfortable truths. June Barefield is someone that you can count on giving you glimpse into a world where not many people make it out alive. Before the Dawn is a timeless classic that is sure to not only serve as a great read, but also change the very core of the reader.

-Palmetto Star, Host of 2RAW4TV
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June Barefield’s, I Highly Recommend reading! His Style of writing, ricochets tumultuous venom, confusing and awakening a tyrant, demeaning his power, as he educates and awakens, dry bones screaming to get up! Stagnant in a society of wireless vagrants in all its vanity. Teaching and upsetting the traditional borders and boundaries, reaching narrow minded, stiff neck population to real life experiences. Educating and awakening dead ones to rise up, be counted make a difference. Given them notice, they have a voice, paint your world, by any means necessary with a positive tool, through the arts of expression! I get excited every time, I travel in his literary journeys.
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B4 The Dawn
I have long considered myself a lover of poetry...of words. June has caused me to reevaluate my understanding of both. His writing provides an unforgiving,merciless truth. Cerebral and medicinal. His pen brings many words to mind...poignant...unashamed...ruggedly elegant...eloquence with a chrome 45. I am an instant fan. Caused me to take a long hard look at the man in my mirror,for more than one reason. I challenge you to read his works and NOT question your motivation. If the pen is truly a sword,then June can definitely swing with the mightiest...Keep swinging SOULJAH...
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June Bugg Review
When one experiences the words on June Barefield, they realize that not only is this an amazing poet but he is an amazing man. His undying support and earnest to assist others through his words. The ink that splashes the pages of his book now books pour from experiences, heart, and soul. This is why this humble man is loved by the poetic community. He is honest, real, true, but not negative. His compassion for his family and friends is undying devotion, love, and honesty. The readers of his works will see and feel June deep within as they scroll through the pieces of his soul in this book.

Janet Renee Cryer
Starr Poetress
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B4 the Dawn
June is a writer that bears reading. It would be hard to encapsulate the ink in this book to just poetry. June writes life and pours all of himself into it. True love, passion, thoughtfulness, discernment and challenges pour forth from the pages and the reader will close the cover better for the experience that is offered.
A must buy and even more so, a must gift!
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B4 the Dawn ( BUY It !!!! )
I will include the Foreword that I wrote for this book . . . JPC


I am honored to write this foreword for Mr. Barefield. June is an unassuming, humble man and a very talented Poet and human being. I am going to be brutally honest and say that I ADORE his work. I cannot imagine a bigger fan than I. The poems in this book are a must read! I want to shout it to the world that the man is genius.

His work, some may find eclectic, I find it awakening my humanity, interesting, stimulating my senses and was sorry to read the last page, so I read the manuscript again. He is a modern day Jack Kerouac or Charles Bukowski, with his Beat Style Poetry and creative innovations in verse.

I am well aware that June is well read without him ever telling me, and he has not. Read his works and see for yourself. The man is as educated as anyone with a Master's Degree, with his penning a poem so tight that you fully get his vision. You will feel, hear, see, taste and smell his story. There is love, hate, rage, gentleness and always a respect for his God and Mother.

From these Urban streets you will get a clear view of how it really is. His descriptive verses take you there, and when he is angry, you are angry too! He also shines a light on socially conscious issues and is a very in your face poet, though as a friend, he is as gentle as a lamb, loyal and the kind of man that has your back. What can I say, I love June and all that he stands for. I am happy to call him Brother, for he is like a Brother to me and my new Favorite Author.

I urge each of you to buy this book, and take a walk with June, and to see the world through his eyes, the eyes of a true visionary. There is never a dull moment, or a lag in his story telling. You'll be inspired to get out there and do something to make this world a better place. Thank you June, and Congratulations!

Janet P. Caldwell

Author ~ Poet
Owner's reply June 23, 2013

Your welcome Janet & GOD BLESS ☆

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B4 The Dawn !!! Must Read!!!
I have had the honors in working with a man who's just about as hard as me lol..
His insight is actually right there going side by side with mine in this ride or die world.. As we all are seeking for the answers to a world of endless questions.. to only wind up back at point A each time we circle the notion of life.. It has been a privileged to be a friend of June Barefield..It has not been easy staying on one another's good side all the time.. but somehow something divine always brings us back together as supportive family ought to be.. I look at him as a big brother sometimes and see many of my own reflections within his pen.. He is a beast when he bleeds and he holds back nothing he has seen ... Straight forward cat in his gift.. Honored by me mostly for being a true G of the hardcore streets and rising above circumstances using his ink.. I commend my brother for such amazing feats . I will always support him as long as I have breath in me. I pray this book touches millions who may of walked down some of the same paths as he and I have... Our love is shared by many millions... as our blood shed was our witness... I can smell this mans hard earned blood sweat and tears when I read him... and sometimes even a fart or two but really... Good luck with your endeavors homie... I look forward in walking this green mile long side of you ~ One love always E... I mean cuntry :P
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B4 the dawn
Tis book was a pleasure to read! Down to earth and an insight into the struggles of the soul of the author. Very deep and real. Well written poetic pieces that will leave one empathizing and thinking of our own struggles in life and how we deal with them. One of the best poetry books I've read! Thank you.
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11 results - showing 1 - 11