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Christine Corretti, Ph.D.

Christine Corretti, Ph.D. Updated April 15, 2013

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54 pages; 2012; illustrated by Christine Corretti, Ph.D.
for children 8 and up
Christine Corretti, Ph.D.

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Christine Corretti, Ph.D.
Where I Live
"A Father's Wish" is a touching tale about a great bear king who has everything one could want, but he comes to feel something is missing in his life. The king believes a child will fill that gap. However, soon after he finds a baby wolf in the forest a mystery that could shatter his world unfolds. Big Bear and his comrades must solve the enigma of the old wizard and the village wolves before the king's greatest treasure is lost forever.


King Big Bear in his Reading Chair, by Christine Corretti, Ph.D.
A Father's Wish, Christine Corretti, Ph.D. Kindle & Nook versions

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