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Andre Govier

Andre Govier December 21, 2016


Andre Govier

Author Details

Pen Name
Andre Govier
Where I Live
North Yorkshire United Kingdom
Shout Out
I recently learnt that young people are often intimidated by very long books and only a small percentage purchased on Kindle are read through to the end. It made me a little sad to think of all the work which goes into novel creation not being fully enjoyed. I also felt some young readers are missing out on the joy of getting to the end of a book and being eager to pick up the next one.

For this reason I deliberately chose to make my books short enough, so as not to intimidate, but instead be one evening's achievable reading. I have also chosen to write in first person narrative to allow the reader to feel how the main character in the story feels as she tells us her story. (Or lies)

Thank you for looking at my profile. I have just upload the first book in a series of books I have written about the same character. I’m a new author so please be gentle in comments.
My day job for the last 20 years has been working in law enforcement in West Yorkshire, England, so whilst I do know a thing about people who don’t tell the truth, writing and publishing books is something I’m still learning
I am not writing big classics. I am doing short books for people who want something to read by the pool or in one evening. First person narratives which are easy to follow to give the pleasure of finishing a book to folks who have not picked one up for a long time. My listing is the first in a series of four to get more people loving picking up a book.

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