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Charlotte Strack Peyton

Chalotte Strack Peyton Updated January 04, 2017

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Charlotte Strack Peyton
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Charlotte was just a little girl when she immigrated from The Netherlands with her parents to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her parents only spoke Dutch with her for the first four years of her life. She distinctly remembers meeting her neighbor, and future best friend, at four, and both girls were immigrants. As they spoke Dutch and Croatian together, she realized that not everyone spoke the same language. This began her life as a bilingual speaker, eventually adding German and French to her language library. After attending the University of Minnesota, where she studied anthropology. She wanted to attend law school and decided to spend a year working at a law firm to make sure she enjoyed it. She landed a job working at Merchant & Gould, a patent law firm, where she helped draft patent applications, using her writing skills, as well as her languages, as she worked exclusively with international clients. She had become a mother before she had a chance to apply to law school; she remained at the law firm while her husband attended law school. As soon as her husband passed the bar exam, she quit her job to stay home and raise her three children. After almost a decade of parenting, she decided to return to the work world, after obtaining her teaching degree, certified for English. She was fortunate enough to teach at her local school, so she developed a close relationship with many of her neighbors, who became her students as well. Eventually, her children entered her school, and she became even more involved with the social issues and pressures that her students and children were experiencing. Watching teens become anxious, hearing the pressures that they were under from both the students and the teachers, as well as interacting with the parents of these teens compelled Charlotte to write a series of novels that address these pressure, though interesting and rebellious characters. Many of these characters are inspired by her students and children. Along the Garden Path is the first in a series of four books exploring the life of a teenager as she applies to colleges and pursues her dreams of becoming a journalist.


Trailer -Along the Garden Path

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