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Nyasia A. Maire

Nyasia A. Maire Updated June 23, 2018
Nyasia A. Maire

Author Details

Pen Name
Nyasia A. Maire
Where I Live
United States
Nyasia A. Maire began writing at an early age and has never stopped. Reading is one of her greatest passions, an extension of her love of words. Her favorite genres are science fiction, horror, and fantasy (books or movies.) And, as strange as it may seem to some, a love of all things computer.

But wait, there's more! (Isn't there always?) The great outdoors is the flip-side to her other rather sedentary pursuits. Hiking, camping, and daily exercise are things that are guaranteed to make her smile.

Nyasia is also a semi-retired photojournalist. She still dabbles in photography and always will. Her first camera was given to her when she was 8-years old. She loves photography and combines it with her final passion: music.

Running through her life is music: the soundtrack of life. From classical to death metal, pop to rap, and, of course, good ol' rock 'n roll . . . music is life and life is music. And sometimes, you don't have to hear well with your ears to appreciate music with your heart.

Nyasia lives in Studio City, California with her daughter, two cats, a boa constrictor and all of the characters she imagines into being.

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