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Michael D. Smith

Michael D. Smith Updated June 16, 2020
Michael D. Smith

Author Details

Where I Live
Richardson, Texas
Writer and artist. My Jack Commer, Supreme Commander science fiction series is published by Double Dragon Publishing. My literary novels Sortmind, CommWealth, Jump Grenade, The Soul Institute, and Akard Drearstone, as well as my novella The First Twenty Steps, are published by Sortmind Press. All titles are available from Amazon in eBook and paperback formats.


The First Twenty Steps by Michael D. Smith
The Martian Marauders by Michael D. Smith
Jack Commer, Supreme Commander by Michael D. Smith


Jack Commer, Supreme Commander, Book Two of the Jack Commer Series
The Martian Marauders, Book One of the Jack Commer Series
Nonprofit Chronowar, Book Three of the Jack Commer Series

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