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Danielle Bernock

Danielle BernockDanielle Bernock   March 08, 2017  
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Danielle Bernock

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My book summary on Amazon:

Bernock’s memoir, Emerging With Wings, will change your life.

The author takes you with her on her journey through pain and confusion to understanding and freedom. Bernock’s raw vulnerability is bold. As she shares her bonds and shame they will validate yours. As she finds her way to healing and freedom you will find yours.

Bernock reveals how lies and childhood traumas strip a person of self-value and breed a dark pervasive fear. Tempted to end her suffering by ending her life many times she makes the decision to live; each time stubbornly fighting to be free of her inner demons.

Validation, grace and unconditional love carry her out of darkness emerging with a joy she’d never known. Empowered and free she invites you to seek your own emotional and spiritual emancipation.

Discover as Danielle did, a courage that stands boldly in the face of lies. Meet the love of one she calls The Pursuer that will carry you through any storm, trauma, or challenge you face. Experience a sense of identity that will protect you from every threat – without or within.

Are you ready to cast your shackles aside? Do you want to experience a love that will never let go, no matter what? Get your copy of Emerging With Wings now – and experience a love that will free you, change you, and strengthen you.

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