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R K Patel

R K Patel   April 20, 2017  
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R K Patel

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Pen Name
R K Patel
Where I Live
United Kingdom
If I don’t get married, if I don’t have children, is that it? Is my life over? Will I never have happiness? What if I don’t want that life? What if I’ve tried to find love and failed every time? What if it takes me longer to find the right person for me?

These are all questions Rhea asks herself while living in London being brought up to believe that as a woman she must be married by the age of twenty-six and have children. Rhea tries very hard to abide by the rules her family and society set out for her as a woman; but with no one to teach her the lessons of life, sex, relationships, love, self-worth, peace or happiness, she starts to make her own choices.

Rhea is a strong, confident, independent woman who challenges the rules she doesn’t believe in. She finds her own lovers while trying to seek out a husband. She learns the hard way what heartache is and rebels even more against marriage and love. Until she finally goes out with an old friend, Tony, who has always loved her. She knows he will never cheat on her or leave her like the others, so she declares to the world he is her chosen partner. Until she discovers a new form of pain and heartache through his drug and alcohol abuse which leads to violence like she has never encountered.

Trapped by the commitment she has made to him and her family of a promise to marry him, Rhea is left vulnerable, weak, scared, manipulated and in need of finding her strength to try and walk away. Can she walk away and shame her family and hurt her pride?

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