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Langley Shazor

Langley Shazor Updated August 09, 2017


Langley Shazor

Author Details

Where I Live
Bristol, VA
Langley was raised in Bristol, VA; after several years of living and serving in Abingdon, VA, he has come back to his roots. Langley is an advocate for performing arts, education, community involvement, and sustainable economic development. Before joining Bristol Virginia Public Schools, he worked as a process engineer, specializing in system automation, data mining, and platform development before moving on to operations and strategic planning. His hobbies are writing, film photography, and physical wellness training. He has a deep appreciation for culture, history, philosophy, science, and religions. An avid reader, he is passionate about learning all that he can and imparting that knowledge; breaking down stereotypes, creating social awareness, enlightenment, human rights, and helping those less fortunate are his life’s quests. Langley has a particularly strong burden for empowering today’s youth and encouraging their interests in the arts. A lover of all things antiquated, he is an avid typewriter collector, something that has only fueled his affinity for writing and encouraging others to write as well. Typewriters being his tool of choice for his craft, Langley has been able to bring a forgotten medium back to life and give it relevance in this, ever growing, digital world. His latest ventures continue to push the legitimacy of “unplugging”; again turning to typewriters to bring people together, propagating interpersonal interactions, creativity, conversation, and building a stronger community. It is his goal to continue to push the boundaries of economics and social norms to continue to create new and diverse endeavors for today and tomorrow’s generations. Langley has been published numerous times on and He is a monthly columnist for Inner Child Magazine ( with his own column, Confessions from a Human; a column of personal reflections and memoirs. He is also a weekly columnist for The Loafer Magazine (, where he has created his own column for poetry called The Casual Word. Langley also created and hosts his own talk show on YouTube, also entitled The Casual Word; a platform for uplifting, encouragement, knowledge and support for the everyday individual.

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