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Rebecca Bradford

Rebecca Bradford   November 06, 2017  
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Rebecca Bradford

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Rebecca is a happily married mother of two beautiful boys whom she teaches via distance education at home. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Museum Studies majoring in Ancient History. As an avid reader, Rebecca has always loved stories of vampires, witches and the supernatural. When Rebecca quit her career in government to become a stay-at-home mother, she began to form the story of Verge in her head. It was an interview she saw with Stephenie Meyer (author of the Twilight series), where Stephenie mentioned that she wrote her books with children around her feet and school runs to complete, that Rebecca sought her inspiration. If Stephenie could do it, then so could Rebecca. Never one to listen to the naysayers, Rebecca has written and published Verge and Delve, the first two books in her Young Adult Fiction/Fantasy trilogy, and the third book Quell, is in the publishing process. The trilogy is about the unbreakable bond between two female best friends and their journey into the world of vampires, witches, blood, magic and an age-old battle. Being a creative soul, Rebecca not only writes novels but also sings, plays piano and the clarinet. She's an avid Guns n' Roses fan, and her agent in Los Angeles used to be their manager! Velvet Revolver, Kings of Chaos and Loaded are other favourite bands of hers.

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