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Winsome Gunning

Winsome  Gunnning   January 29, 2018  
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Winsome Gunning

Author Details

Pen Name
Winsome Gunning
Where I Live
Gold Coast Australia
All my life I have written.

It has been a healing thing and even as a child I would retire to my room, write a poem and come out feeling renewed as if I had walked on a beautiful beach.

Novels of course take much longer and yet they were for me the same process.

My first novel writing happened in Sydney in the eighties, a time I personally found difficult because of the conflicting values I saw around me.

Developing my characters in my writing enabled me to be strong and cope with this world.

I later wrote on Australia's Gold Coast in the nineties as I recovered from breast cancer treatment.

The characters are very different from the Sydney characters of ten years before but in spite of their naughtiness I did come to love them and writing my several pages each day again empowered me at a particularly vulnerable period of my life.

Today strong and well I write with a more resolved voice and an understanding of the many stages of life's journey.

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