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G.A. Minton

G.A. Minton Updated April 05, 2018



Book Listings

2017 Eric Hoffer Book Awards Montaigne Medal Finalist
2017 Eric Hoffer Book Awards da Vinci Eye Finalist
2017 Reader Views Literary Awards Second Place Winner - Science Fiction
2017 Reader Views Literary Awards Regional Winner (West Mountain) - Science Fiction
2016 Benjamin Franklin Digital Award SILVER HONOREE Award
2016 INDIE Book Awards Second Place in the Best Young Adult category
2017 Halloween Book Festival Awards Honorable Mention in the Fiction Horror Category
2017 Best Book Awards Finalist in the Horror Category
2016 Royal Palm Literary Award Finalist in the Mystery Genre Category


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G.A. Minton
G.A. Minton

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Pen Name
G.A. Minton
Memberships & Designations
Horror Writers Association, Florida Writers Association, Independent Book Publishers Association
Where I Live
United States
From his early childhood, G.A. Minton has always been a diehard fan of science fiction and horror. Whenever a scary movie was playing down at the local theater, he was there in attendance with his friends, loudly screaming in terror alongside them. G.A. enjoys many hobbies, but the game of golf is one of his favorites, having lettered on his high school golf team. Besides writing, he also enjoys reading, traveling, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, working out, listening to hard rock music, and watching great movies—especially those genres that encompass horror, science fiction, mystery, and comedy.
Strangely enough, it was only after G.A. was rear-ended by a drunk driver and suffered a closed-head injury that he developed a newfound passion for writing (even though this story has the makings for a bizarre Stephen King horror novel, it is nonetheless true). After numerous visits to a neurologist and months of taking medication used by patients afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease, his injured brain slowly began to mend itself. When the damage to his brain finally healed, G.A. noticed something very different in his thought patterns. Now, there was an overwhelming urge, a compulsive drive to put on paper fascinating stories that had formed de novo in his mind. That’s how Trisomy XXI, his first novel and recipient of multiple awards, was born. One could surmise that the damaged neurons in G.A.’s frontal cortex had rearranged themselves into a different pattern, thereby enhancing the creative elements in his brain (a rare medical condition, known as “acquired savant syndrome”). God only knows. . .stranger things have happened! G.A. is now referred to as “the savant horror writer” by many of his friends.
G.A. has recently completed his second novel, Antitheus, a dark supernatural tale of horror that takes Good vs. Evil to a whole new level. Currently, his brain is busy at work, meticulously processing the text for another story of the macabre that will both entertain and horrify its unsuspecting reader. One of G.A.’s trademarks is that his stories contain an O. Henry or Rod Serling surprise ending that would baffle even the likes of the great Sherlock Holmes! G.A. lives in Texas with his wife, a son and daughter, and two Bengal cats named Phinneas and Shamus.


2018 Independent Publishers Book Awards (IPPY) Ceremony: ANTITHEUS a Bronze Medalist Winner in Horror


TRISOMY XXI Book Trailer 3
ANTITHEUS by G.A. Minton Book Trailer

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