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JJ Hughes

JJ Hughes March 28, 2018
JJ Hughes

Author Details

Pen Name
JJ Hughes
Where I Live
Surrey, UK
I was born in Cottingley, a quaint little village in West Yorkshire, UK. The village is famous for fairies after two girls photographed them [Or did they?] near the waterfall that cascades into the beck [a small stream]. Nearby is my favorite place: Howarth, famous for the wild moors and the Bronte sisters - who wrote 'Wuthering Heights' and 'Jane Eyre' which are two of my favorite novels , along with 'Pride and Prejudice' [Jane Austen] and 'Gone with the Wind' [Margaret Mitchell].

I studied English/American Literature with Film Studies at the University of East Anglia [UEA] Norwich, and an MA in Creative Writing at Surrey University.

I am passionate about horses, the paranormal, New Age spirituality, self-development, travel, karma and reincarnation, crime... in no particular order.

I am a qualified Coach/Mentor, Passion Test Facilitator and Soul Re-alignment specialist. I co-wrote a No.1 Best Selling Self Help book, 'Inspired by the Passion Test', and 'Spirit of Prophecy' is my first novel. I hope you'll review my novel and recommend it to your friends, and please drop me a line some time - I'd love to connect and I promise to reply!

Get in touch and sign up for my Blog here:

Love and Light to all my readers x


Official Book Trailer of Spirit of Prophecy: Paranormal Crime Fiction by J.J. Hughes

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