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Mariko Pratt

Mariko Pratt   April 15, 2018  
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Mariko Pratt

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Pen Name
Where I Live
Northern California
Mariko Pratt is a professional artist and published writer. She started writing short stories in order to combat bouts of artistic block. Born in Mountain View, California and grew up in McKinleyville, California where she attended local high school and studied at Humboldt State University. Her main theme in her stories is staying away from the Hollywood gore-horror cliche, boring overused monsters--human and otherwise and horrible troll pasta scenario featuring demonic games and lost episodes. Her work doesn't involve gothic haunted house settings and creepy families with a lot of skeletons in their closets nor does it involve a typical TV-like story where an evil villain is being stopped by a good hero(s). Her characters are just regular people everywhere, trying to make sense of the unexpected suddenly intruding in their hum-drum lives. While a few decided to fight back against "it," most just run away or cower under the bed covers.


'The Canaries' A creepypasta short story
The Innermost House | Creepypasta
M.M. Pratt's "Doorway to Darkness" - Creepypasta Narration
The Silent Audience ~ A Historical Note ~ By Mmpratt99  ~ Sir Ayme

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