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D. K. Christi

D. K. Christi Updated December 07, 2013



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D. K. Christi

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Pen Name
D. K.Christi
Where I Live
Southwest Florida

D. K. Christi, author, journalist and lecturer - author of GHOST ORCHID D. K. Christi shares her obsession with the “Super Ghost” of Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and why it’s a “matter of consequence.” D. K. Christi lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. Her stories and novels capture the multi-cultural experiences and the beauty, fear and excitement of foreign lands. Three years of blue water sailing in the Caribbean add tropical spice. A polished and professional platform speaker who includes the audience. Christi spent her U.S. years in Michigan, California and Florida with stops in Idaho and Washington, D.C. Today she contributes feature articles to the Bonita Springs Southwest Spotlight, and is available for freelance writing, editing and grant proposals between novels. Favorite local haunts are Bonita Beach, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Koreshan State Park, and all outdoor places to kayak and ride her bicycle. Contact D. K. Christi at Email: dkchristi at yahoo dot com P.O. Box 367061, Bonita Springs, FL. 34136 The rare and endangered American ghost orchid is a protected species for good reason—it only grows in the wilds of the Everglades in Florida and is found in Cuba. It is among the most complex and sophisticated of the orchid species, and is credited with legendary powers and mysticism. July 10, 2007, D. K. Christi was spending her birthday wandering the boardwalk in one of her favorite places, Blair Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. To her surprise, ]“the air was filled with excitement—the discovery of the ‘Super Ghost.”’ D. K. Christi’s obsession with the “Super Ghost” led to write-ups in the Naples Daily News for her daily walks for three months following every nuance of change in the orchid plant that reached into her soul and took hold. The novel, Ghost Orchid, grew from that obsession. She also became a certified Corkscrew Swamp naturalist to take visitors on tours along the boardwalk and gained expertise, both legendary and botanical. The mixture of sex, myth and magic provides an entertaining experience and a new appreciation for the habitat that is the domain for this rare and endangered treasure. “Haunting” “Enlightening” “Amazing” “Brilliant” (A few reviews…) Ghost Orchid Synopsis: A story of love, lies and redemption unfolds one coincidence at a time under the aura of the rare and mystical ghost orchid high in the cypress canopy of the Everglades. NPR Reviews praise Ghost Orchid for the beauty of the Everglades that shines through on every page, the ghost orchid the heart and soul of the story; a must read. Photographers seek the perfect subject in the perfect light, finding themselves and the answer to the question: Is love eternal? A complex unraveling of family secrets and unique friendship touches the heart, adding new meaning to the roots that strengthen family ties.



Ghost Orchid by D K

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