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Tiana McBoz

Tiana McBoz May 23, 2018
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Tiana McBoz

Author Details

Pen Name
Tiana McBoz
Where I Live
The Netherlands
Self-starter, entrepreneur, author of self-development books.

Growing up, I was an average child. I was striving for the better but did not know how to organize my life. The environment was not predisposing to this; and the most comfortable solution for me would be to go with the flow.

In the beginning, I was hoping for some magic pill that would sort everything out in my life. This one does not exist. There is not an overnight solution as such. The answer to the question, "How did they reach their goals? What's their secret?" is often as simple as that - You need to take an effort.

Choosing to do so I changed countries, careers, and people. Many things. I started from the scratch a lot of times. I am hoping to share here with you my major 'take-aways' and tools that work best.

My books will not give you an easy-to-fix solution. They will give you actionable information that you can immediately apply.

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