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A.G. Davis

A.G. Davis Updated May 29, 2018
A.G. Davis

Author Details

Pen Name
A.G. Davis
Where I Live
Dearborn Heights, MI United States
Shout Out
Much love to all my former clients and especially the youngsters who I tried but often failed to help. Blessings!
A.G. Davis is a writer and Desmond “Deetz” Mac Innes’s official biographer. The two met at an Aikido dojo in Chicago during Deetz’s wanderings away from himself. Davis has a doctorate degree in clinical psychology and has worked in social services as a therapist and a program administrator for over 30 years, helping people with wide-ranging backgrounds but who had one thing in common - they were trauma survivors looking for love. "The Roswell Discrepancy" is the start of a series of books focused on how longing and romance are experienced and lived differently by men. Davis currently lives just outside of Detroit, Michigan with a partner-amateur chef, “Mr. Grumpy”, a whimsical daughter-writer, “L.G.”, and an old, neurotic dog named Sadie.

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