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William McCorbin

William McCorbin June 02, 2018


William McCorbin

Author Details

Pen Name
William McCorbin
Where I Live
United States
Shout Out
Regular middle-aged guy who thought it would be a great idea to try to write a book series. Well, a rainbow in the spring sky inspired me to consider crimes by color, ergo: Colors of Crime Series. I have completed book one and am working on book two.

I am nothing more than who I am, though that can be considered wise, intelligent, sassy, 'oddball', rude, overbearing, cocky, or sweet, depending on who you ask. I think that tells a lot about me; I do what I do, and people judge me based on their own perspective of how they see that singular behavior.

I do enjoy a good book, but I do not have a favorite book, author, genre, or time to read. I have found a variety of genres truly entertaining. Keep 'em coming!
Though William is new as an author, he is ambitious and ready to build both his repertoire and his presence across the planet. Isn't that what authors do? They look for a way to live beyond their years? Well, if not, then it's just me, and I'll all for it!!!

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