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Darcy Deming

Darcy Deming June 27, 2018
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Darcy Deming

Author Details

Pen Name
Darcy Deming
Where I Live
United States

Darcy Deming is a Cherokee Metis trained Shaman whose footsteps along the Good Red Road lead her to a cave on a sacred mountain where Sage Stone – The Magic Between the Worlds, was born. Throughout her life, growing up on a forty-acre farm in Upstate New York, living in the Outback of Australia and Walking the Land in the Sky Islands and Desert Seas of the American southwest she honors Mother Earth and all her relations with gifts, her writing and artwork.
Darcy is an accomplished equestrian and gallery owner in Tubac, Arizona, where she lives and writes from her mountain top home with four dogs at her feet.
She dreams of creating a special place where people can come to awaken themselves to the magic that is all around them and honoring this enchanted place that we call Earth.

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