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Anne Sherril

Anne  Sherril August 26, 2018


Anne Sherril

Author Details

Pen Name
Anne Sherril
Where I Live
United States
Book 1: Under My Mask
This first book of the series is a romance driven by unforgettable characters, breathtaking twists, and graphic dialogue that brings on heat. Adele Walker tells what happened to her one night parked at a secluded lake in the North Carolina Mountains that summer before she headed off to college. Her husband gives her what she needs, but is that all she wants. She is surrounded by friends that tempt her. Some of them are lethal.

Book 2: Remove My Mask
Adele Walker is getting dangerously close to revealing her deepest desires in this second book of The Mask Series by Anne Sherril.

Book 3: Un-Masked
In this third book of The Mask Series, Un-Masked, Adele Walker acts on her missed opportunity.

Book 4: Bare
In the first three books of the Mask Series, Adele Walker deals with the desire for an old boyfriend. She has wanted John Kelly since one night many years ago when she almost had him. Her cousin, Lisa Boffa, suggested she do something to rectify that hunger. Adele took her advice and did something to John. She has to confess to her husband, Jason. That confession to bare all creates a reaction she does not expect. In the fourth book of the Mask Series, Bare, Adele faces regrets. She regrets what she did not do years ago and could have. She fears the regret for doing what's next.

Anne Sherril is an accomplished entrepreneur, former model, artist, song writer and author. Based on her personal experiences and vivid imagination, Anne finds that couples who lust together, stay together. Sexual desires that remain hidden by masks need to be revealed for couples to share and grow together.

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