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Alex Brightsmith

Alex Brightsmith April 26, 2013

Author Details

Where I Live
Dance with the Devil if you must, but be sure you call the tune.
Alex Brightsmith’s debut novel is an intriguing introduction to the girl currently calling herself Kathryn Blake.
Kate is a flamboyant traceuse, a nerveless pickpocket, an unrivalled cat-burglar . . . Kate is whatever she needs to be; what better place to meet her than Vienna, that city of a thousand faces? If she herself is disappointed with the city, it is because she has half expected, beyond all reasonable probability, to walk into her mother’s baroque fantasy, but she can reconcile herself to that. So it is not her mother’s city, well she is not her mother’s daughter, and she is not in Vienna for the dancing.
Kate is wrong: Vienna is always about dancing, if not her mother’s bright waltzes by candlelight, then her father’s intricate cold war quadrilles in the dark.
The cold war is over, but the dance goes on.


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