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Deepak Menon

Deepak Menon October 16, 2018



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Readers Favorite 2013 Award Winner

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Multigenre Author and Poet of 10 Books of Sci Fi, Tales and Structured Poetry
Deepak Menon is a poet and an author of books across genres.
SCIENCE FICTION:- Three epic READERS FAVORITE 5 STAR REVIEWED Science Fiction thrillers of interstellar & interplanetary travel and adventure :- 'SKYMERGE' and 'SKYSPLITTER', and SPACEVASION.
TALES & FABLES:- Three 'Family Read Together' books of tales in the series - Tales of the Booga Dooga Land. His book "Pickwick's Plan" of the 'Booga Dooga Land' series was an award winner in the 2013 Readers Favorite International Award Contest, and was followed by 'The Wormus' and then 'The Horus'. 'Pickwick's Plan' has been translated into 5 other languages. in special eBook editions in Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and French. Deepak feels that his books of tales will delight people and specially children of all nations across the world. Deepak Menon changes gears often, writing across genres.
POETRY: He has published 4 slim volumes of Classical Structured Poetry:
1. An illustrated volume of Quatrains - All Pure - Poems of Passion - a Tribute to Omar Khayyam.
2. "What Worth my Tomorrows" a Volume of his longer Structured Poems
3. A Lingering Fragrance - Reflections for the Thirsty Soul is a slim volume of Poetry, Proverbs and a short story
4. The Tattered Pennant is his latest and 4th volume of Longer Poems interspersed with 88 quatrains in interludes of 3 quatrains each betwixt the longer poems.
Presently he is working on multiple projects including a 'Period' novel set in Bombay, India during the troubled times of 1971 and a fourth book of the 'Tales of the Booga Dooga Land'
Deepak Menon is a voracious reader." I love to read almost anything I get my hands on." We love our precious earth and must always preserve it. Save the Earth from Global Warming is a pressing message to everyone from me."

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