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Sheila Lowe

Sheila Lowe Updated December 30, 2018


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#1 Bestselling author in Amazon Kindle.

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Sheila Lowe
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United States
Like my character Claudia Rose, I am a real-life handwriting examiner who began the study of handwriting in 1967. These days, I work mainly in the area of questioned documents--handwriting authentication in cases of possible forgery. On the other side, personality assessment, a Master of Science in Psychology helps frame my conclusions about handwriting and personality. Besides the Claudia Rose Forensic Handwriting mystery series, I've written several books dealing with handwriting and behavior: Handwriting of the Famous & Infamous, and the best-selling The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis, Reading Between the Lines (Decoding Handwriting), and others. My Handwriting Analyzer software is used around the world.
I've analyzed some pretty interesting handwriting over the past 50 years or so, including celebrities for the media. Politico, Business Insider, Animal New York, Real Simple, Town & Country, the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and Yahoo, Dateline, and many others have asked for opinions in high-profile cases (OJ Simpson, Clark Rockefeller, etc).


Proof of Life - Beyond the Veil mysteries

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