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Diana Corbitt


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Diana Corbitt has lived in northern California her entire life. She and her husband Michael have two sons who stop by often, usually, to hangout in the backyard. Besides her wonderful family, Diana also loves the beach, traveling, and eating popcorn at the movies. Although Diana will watch pretty much any movie to satisfy her craving for popcorn, the scary ones are her go to. Gotta get that rush!

She loves scary books too, so it’s no wonder Steven King has always been her favorite author. A WARNING TO KIDS: King’s books can really get to you, so talk to your parents before you read. More than one kept Diana up at night back when she was in high school.

Her work has been published in several online magazines. One short story, “Lumphead Road“, was published as a podcast through a combination of narration, acting, music, and sound effects. You can listen to it on the Manor House website. “The Last Witch“, another short story, can be found in an anthology of witch related stories titled Wax and Wane, now available on Amazon.

If you like her middle grade novel, Ghosters, try the second book in the series, Ghosters 2 Revenge of the Library Ghost. AND Ghosters 3 will be coming soon. Hopefully, in 2019.


Ghoster book promotion video by Diana Corbitt

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