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E Ryan Janz


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United States
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Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion
My name is Ryan Janz and I live in Anytown, USA, and I have chosen not to include my photo in my bio at this time in the abject fear I will be recognized and therefore mobbed by crazed fans. For example, say I post my picture, and let’s also say I’m walking my dog down my friendly neighborhood street, you know, Main Street, and as a result the unthinkable occurs:

I am breathlessly asked by a passing neighbor to autograph my thrilling new Noir/Private Investigator novel, Boulevard Dreams, or I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.

My neighbor doesn’t have the book with him, or as he put it, “I’ve never heard of your stupid piece of trash and you frighten me”.
I give him a copy I happen to be carrying in my wheel barrel.

My neighbor is hesitant in believing I wrote the book.
I produce my driver’s license for proof of my authorship, careful to place my thumb over my picture because I do not wish to be recognized and therefore mobbed by crazed fans.

My neighbor threatens to call the police.

My dog insists we hastily return home, and as we do, I lower my baseball cap across my face because I do not wish to be recognized and…etc.

I hear police sirens and as I hide below the trap door in my basement my dog decides to move out.

While living under my basement and reading a handy book on chock full of fun survival techniques, it occurs to me I don’t own a dog.

Having read how baked rat can easily be transformed into a healthy snack while overthrowing the government, I hear a dog howling in the distance, reminding me it’s time once again to collect my wheel barrel and join my dog for a pleasant walk down Main Street, USA

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Boulevard Dreams 5 Star Book Review
Boulevard Dreams by E Ryan Janz is an exceptional one-of-a-kind story filled with intrigue, mystery, mayhem, and suspense, in which readers will love and revel in.

It is 1958 in San Francisco’s smoky noir world, and private detective, Joe Nails is having reoccurring lucid dreams about his friend crying out to him for help, and then he puts a gun to his head and kills himself. Joe finally becomes concerned, and goes out to find his friend, but discovers that he has gone missing, and it has been a month since he has been seen. Joe begins to investigate and finds many shock-worthy things about his friend’s life, and some peculiar people that try to convince him of his friend’s supposed death. As Joe digs deeper in his investigation, the plot thickens. Soon, Joe finds himself deep in a world of deceit, murder, lust, suicide and suffering. Joe must face the truth of his friend’s horrific choices and actions, and in the end, the torment of his own.

E Ryan Janz has created a dramatic dark world of mystery, deception and death set in the nostalgic time of 1958, in a city that is known for its intrigue and worldliness. Boulevard Dreams is a fabulous read and one that readers won’t soon forget. Skillfully written, it has all the right elements of a smart crime and mystery novel. Then, goes beyond that and gives readers a chilling, thrilling and suspenseful ride with a fast paced, well developed and deep storyline and plot. The suspense is unsettling and very enticing. The characters are fully developed with quirky, curious and interesting personalities. Their clever, and sometimes humorous, dialogue is written in such a way that only an intelligent writer with a creative, original voice could think up. I connected with the characters and felt that author E Ryan Janz put his heart into them.

I couldn’t put Boulevard Dreams down, and turned the pages rapidly, fully engaged, to find out what would happen next and how Joe would solve this mystery without becoming a desperate man himself. E Ryan Janz seems to have great detective skills himself, as it is clear in this story filled with twists and turns. The brilliant mystery plot had me guessing all the way through. My mind really became engulfed in this one, and I didn’t want it to end. I absolutely loved the setting and descriptive writing. Boulevard Dreams is an exciting page turner that readers won’t be able to put down until they have devoured the very last page. Boulevard Dreams is one of the best books in its genre that I have read in a long time. When I saw the cover, I had a feeling I would love the book – and I wholeheartedly did! Well done! Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Boulevard Dreams by E Ryan Janz to all mystery and suspense lovers – and those who want to escape into the passion of the past, and a smoky noir world filled with intrigue, and crime in San Francisco!
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