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Rachel Adelson

Rachel Adelson Updated May 02, 2013
Rachel Adelson

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Where I Live
Thornhill, Ontario

About the Book: Table of Contents Aging: A New Look at an Old Story This entertaining short course in the subject of “aging” covers attitudes, communication and language. Plus, how to use this book The Thoughtful Home: Design for Living Learn about housing options and solve caregiver concerns. Deal with denial, plan for change, get help. Use Universal Design to aid daily activities. Spot the early warning signs of trouble. The Stable Home: Preventing Falls Lower the odds of trips and falls by fixing flooring, layout and lighting. Assess and modify stairs and stair rails; learn to put up grab bars and improve bathroom safety. The Smoke-Free Home: Preventing Fires Reduce the risk of fire, with advice on cooking, electrical and smoking-related fires, as well as “exit planning” and preventing heat-related injury. The Easy Home: Function and Mobility Learn how to go up and down, in and out, and get stuff done more easily by accommodating the pain and limitation of arthritis and other age-related conditions. Make nearly everything easier…save energy for the good stuff. The Sensitive Home: Eyes, Ears and More Respond to changes in hearing, vision, touch, taste and smell – in order of appearance in the aging process! With condition-specific advice on vision changes. The Holistic Home: Mind and Body Get the scoop on normal cognitive aging and boost memory and organization through simple changes. Keep working, pursuing hobbies and an active social life; fight fraud and manage medications. Above all boost fitness through home-based exercise geared for people 50-plus. Be your own trainer! The Useful Home: Supportive Surroundings Fix things up around the property and in utility areas. Create age-friendly entry points and walkways. Learn about some age-targeted gadgets and gizmos. The Possible Home: Getting the Job Done Boost that staying power with careful planning and implementation. Balance form and function, make useful lists, work with contractors, contain costs, check on regulations and taxes. You’re home free!


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