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Endri Shqerra

Endri Shqerra May 25, 2019
Endri Shqerra

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Endri Shqerra completed his graduate studies at the University of New York Tirana. His writing career started just there when his diss. got a distinguishing mark and was subsequently published by LAMBERT Academic Publishing. Here is worth making a note for his supervisor, Prof. Kostantinos Giakoumis, whose commitment and hard work with his diss. deserve to remind him as the co-author in his first book; even though his name does not appear in the book cover. Later, the publisher (LAMBERT Academic Publishing) asked him a book related to the topic of an essay he had published. It was at that time when the work with the second book began. Since then his devotion has been writing and he is proud of following the path of his father and other relatives who were writers, an inheritance which intensifies his commitment to writing. At the moment he is writing a new book titled “Religious Harmony”, which, hopefully, will be more interesting than his first two books.

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