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Lee Chavis

Lee Chavis July 07, 2019
Lee Chavis

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United States
Lee Chavis' professional career as a writer began with his first novel A Dance in Paradise, about a first-year law student grappling with the sudden death of his grandfather a week before fall semester exams, originally published in 2009 and reissued in 2010 by Amazon. His interest in entertaining audiences led him to filmmaking, and soon after completing A Dance in Paradise, he wrote, directed and produced the book’s trailer, followed by a short film titled Daydreams of an Author with film composer João Agusto Frias, depicting the struggles of a wannabe writer seeking validation and success. It was then that Chavis discovered that his true passion was in screenwriting, and in the summer of 2012, he began work on a sci-fi feature with story creator Karim Lounes titled The Last Immortal, about a warlock who seeks revenge against a chemist for an ancient ritual gone awry. Two years later, Chavis teamed with Latin American Studies scholar Conchita Franco Serri to produce a historical drama set during the Venezuelan War of Independence called The War Necklace. This fictionalized tale of love and betrayal centers on a Venezuelan businessman conned into returning valuable pearls to Spain while his family and associates collude to take over his empire. His latest work, Endless Passion, an action thriller, is the story of a movie mogul whose seedy past comes back to haunt him by those threatening to expose him for who he really is: a one-time drug lord who now passes himself off as a legitimate businessman.

All three projects are in the late stages of development. Meanwhile, Chavis has just completed another short film script, The Violinist, about a 16-year-old budding concert violinist terrified of failure and what the future may hold for him if he doesn’t succeed.

Once a violinist himself, Chavis is also a lyricist, having written songs for many of his scripts, all of which will be performed by well-known singer and actress Noel Calcaterra once filming commences. In addition, he has written several articles throughout his career, including one of his latest titled “7 Screenwriting Misconceptions” recently published by the media network Stage 32. His newest article, “Noel Calcaterra: What Dreams Are Made Of” has just been published by Hollywood Blvd Magazine.

Chavis currently lives in the coastal area of Virginia and is represented by the talent management company, Harris Management, from Los Angeles.

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