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Dana Pratola

Dana Pratola May 05, 2013

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Dana Pratola
Dana Pratola

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New Jersey
It seems ideal when Haven is presented a fantastic opportunity to paint for a billionaire, but she must first weigh the pros and cons. For one thing, her father is dead set against her moving to the Cestone estate, and not without cause. Years of rumor and innuendo have spun a cocoon of intrigue and suspicion around the brilliant and reclusive Jett Cestone, and Haven can see for herself that something strange is going on there. The young women in his employ are skittish, introverted…and beautiful. Is it Jett’s protectiveness that makes them tremble in their shoes, or something more sinister?
Jett can no longer make those responsible for his pain suffer, but he can make others pay, and in the process regain some of the peace stolen from him during an abusive and tortured past. It’s his sole focus…until he meets Haven. His preoccupation with this young, vibrant artist is quickly turning to obsession. But nothing can come of it. It is his fate to remain alone and never risk passing his gifts to another generation.
How can two people so different be so perfectly suited?


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