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Isabella Cummins

Isabella Cummins Updated February 17, 2018


Isabella Cummins

Author Details

Where I Live
Johannesburg, South Africa
Clarissa Craig is an upcoming hot-shot journalist who gets to interview the richest and most powerful men in the USA, but she has a problem. 

She is a nymphomaniac who cannot stay out of their pants.

Not that they mind, as a matter of fact they enjoy all the sexual attention and late-night romps. And they reward her with insider-information of upcoming business deals and scoops that no other reporters are able to get. The men fall in love with her, and they give her special gifts; cars, jewelry and her own helicopter.

But then things get complicated. She falls in love with the least likely person whom she thought she would; her unassuming boss, Richard Davenport. 

He knows about her voracious appetite. But he has a secret as well. He fights her charming flirtations and sexual innuendo with a steely will. If she found out what had happened in his past, he would lose everything that he had worked so hard for.

Will they meet up and live happily ever after, or will their secret lives lead to their ultimate demise?


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