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M. J. Stoddard

M. J. Stoddard(Author) Updated November 23, 2013
M. J. Stoddard

Author Details

Pen Name
M. J. Stoddard
Where I Live
Milton, PA
A mysterious mercenary reunites with his former commanding officer, to find that he is a pawn in a conspiracy to find a very powerful and ancient artifact for the sole purpose of galactic domination. After failing to obey orders, the mercenary is  branded as a traitor and convicted of high treason according to the statutes of the United Terran Confederate Navy(UTCN). The mercenary is given vital intelligence on a new weapon that could throw the Colonies into a full-scale galactic war and through a perilous journey for survival, he realizes his latent psychic abilities have developed considerably. As time runs out, the mercenary realizes his heightened awareness and the future of Humanity hangs in the balance.


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