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Matthew Reel

Matthew David Reel December 09, 2019


Matthew Reel

Author Details

Pen Name
Matthew Reel
Where I Live
United States
Previously residing beneath the surface of the cult-film underground, Matthew Reel, a self-professed absurdist and self-indulgent filmmaker, breaks into the literary world. His work ranges from the surreal to the grotesque, and uniquely his own. Although not everyone's cup of tea, Reel's work can be hard to ignore. Originally having a background in opera, Matthew has been open to exploring new sides of his creativity. During his stint as filmmaker, Matthew was described as having a unique visual style. Matthew has attempted to recreate his visual style in a literary form. His first novel, Bad Things, was released in 2019. Matthew admits that classifying his work may not be an easy task, perhaps his work falls best under "bizarro fiction," but that may be up for debate.

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