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Kerry Letheby

Kerry Letheby Updated March 06, 2017




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Kerry Letheby
Kerry Letheby

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Kerry Letheby
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I was born at Loxton, in South Australia’s Riverland region. As a child, I had little in common with my peers and was a loner by nature, but never lonely. Most of my friends were found within the pages of books in the school library, where I spent most of my time. I developed a particular love for historical fiction, and I also loved stories in which the characters demonstrated inspirational courage.
The origins of my writing are deeply rooted in this time.
When I left school, I badly wanted to be an artist or writer, but my well-meaning father told me that neither of these would pay my rent, and he encouraged me to be a teacher instead. So I became a teacher, and taught for some years in both the public and private sectors, having three sons along the way.
I then moved from teacher to home-schooling mother for a few years, and then into full time pastoral care of a small church plant. This was followed by a lengthy career phase in the Mental Health sector, and a short stint in aged care in the respite sector. I am currently working as Case Manager in the Parenting After Separation program with ‘,’ a job I love and am very passionate about.
I am now living at Mt Gambier, in South Australia’s Limestone Coast region. In my spare time I am finally pursuing my writing and other creative pursuits that have been on the backburner for many years, such as calligraphy.



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