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Olutoyin Oguntimehin

olutoyin Updated May 13, 2013



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Olutoyin Oguntimehin

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Daily Bible Reading - Encouraging And Inspiring Verses To Uplift Your Spirit Volumes 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 including a Box set of all the books put together into one.

There Is Tremendous Power In The Word Of God

In this ebooks there are 7 chapters and for each topic i have provided 31 Bible Verses that you can read on a daily basis or if you prefer to read the whole book at once.

This book is a very useful tool as it is a collection of biblical quotes that are relevant to daily life for everyone which helps to remind you on a daily basis that the Lord is for you, thus helping you to know Him as your loving Heavenly Father who knows your situation and how to bestow good gifts unto you when you call on him.

In-addition - Each verse is designed to remind you on a daily basis that you are the Lord’s beloved and that He loves you so much that He sacrificed His only begotten son “Jesus Christ” the anointed one and His anointing. As a result there is no good gift provided in His word that He will not make available to you when you acknowledge Him.

It also helps you to Encourage Yourself Through Any Problem With Biblical Truths: A Guide to Understanding Faith-Filled Words, is a fast read, but it packs quite a punch and can literally change your life.

This book offers a guide to stopping fear, unbelief, depression, doubt, negative talk etc with positive faith-filled words/scriptures.

Very inspiring ebooks that motivates, strengthens, enlightens, inspires, uplifts and encourages us to believe that when we have faith in God everything is possible and nothing can be against us.

The quotes are sorted into various topics so that you can use them to help you with an emotion you may be feeling at any point in time to inspire and lift your spirit.

The Topics Are:- Peace, Hope, Joy, Discouragement, Fear, Anxiety, Worry etc.
We are currently offering promotional prices therefore get your order in on time before it reverts back to it's original price.

This timely and life changing ebooks are a must read for anybody who is down spiritually or just wants to grow in the grace of God or wants to be uplifted and encouraged spiritually.


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