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Damon L Duncan

Damon Duncan May 13, 2013



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Autumn Snow was like any other teenage girl growing up in the year 3052: she had friends, she went to school, worried about boys, had an annoying little brother; and by her tenth birthday, she had become one of the best star pilot’s in the solar system. Autumn was a normal, happy teenager, unaware that she had been born to become a leader, destined for greatness, destined to become much, much more…until two years ago. Until her parents mysteriously vanished, forcing her to leave her home on Earth, and begin the adventure that would change her life forever.

For Autumn, the time has come to learn the truth. Time to accept the special gift she does not understand; time to choose between right and wrong, and fight for the ones she loves and everything she holds dear; time to believe in herself, who she is, and to trust in the power of hope she carries within her heart. And in the battle to save her family, and all of humankind, it is time for Autumn to become who she was born to be, to emerge from the protective darkness of destiny’s shadow and become a hero…

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Author Details

Pen Name
Damon L Duncan
Where I Live
Science Fiction/Fantasy for Teens and graphic illustration.


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