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Lynn Lawler

Book Buzz March 10, 2020


Lynn Lawler

Author Details

Where I Live
Lynn Lawler‘s stories are greatly inspired by LGBTQ themes with deep felt emotion and rich characters. Each lives out their dynamic lives and find themselves in the rich imaginations of those who love to read and receive fulfillment within their own creative desires.

Her book, Enticed by Love is about a woman who is haunted by a past love while another one lurks in the background. There is a mystery, paranormal, drama, and romance in this LGBTQ story.

While in college, she wrote an editorial that was published in The Detroit Free Press. It focused on the positives of children’s education in the sciences. This she found to be very inspiring and felt that people needed awareness to encourage young people to study these subjects.

Lynn went on a journey to Arizona seeking a refreshed higher purpose. While there, she experienced things that were life-changing. By sharing nutritional information and benefits of going vegetarian, Lynn walked right into an opportunity where she created a new profit center for a co-op market by introducing a juice bar. In another venture, she applied her expertise in developing a marketing strategy for a professional outdoor sales - small business.

In addition to marketing, Lynn also was an architectural designer, consulting and contracting for many Los Angeles, CA-based architectural firms.

Her creative awakening began after low spot emotionally. She finally realized that her true, lifelong dream of being a writer could and would become her reality. Lynn watched a documentary on the life of the 20th century, writer Willa Cather. Willa Cather became her encouragement to move forward with her own aspirations.

The trials of Lynn’s life have only served as stepping stones to a brighter outlook and a stronger spirit.

Lynn has always been a fan of books. Her favorite authors are; Mary Higgins Clark, and J.K. Rowling and Judy Blume. In addition, she loves reading the works of other LGBTQ authors such as Scarlett Knight and Domina Alexandra.

You can find Lynn Lawler’s blog at Here you will read interviews of artists, authors, and others. In addition, you can read all of Lynn Lawler’s book reviews for a relevant, insightful, point of view.

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, meditation, playing chess and Tomb Raider, and watching baseball.

Lynn lives in Southern California with her spouse and cats. She is currently at work on her next novel.

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