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Richard Dale Lode

Truth Center Books Updated May 17, 2013
WINNING "at the Game of Life"

Author Details

Pen Name
Richard Dale Lode
Where I Live

Published author Mr. Lode is an up and coming author for Truth Center Publishing. He has written 10 books at this time titled as Winning at the Game of Life, The Hidden Magic at the Center, Emails to Jamie, The Creative Power at the Center, The Jesus Bible, The Gospel of Thomas "In Modern Day Language", Experiencing "A Course of Miracles", Experiencing "The Hidden Magic" at the Center, Winning with Jesus "The Christ Speaks", and The 'I Am' Principle. All books are available for sale through his website, Barnes & Noble and Amazon websites.


WINNING with Jesus "The Christ Speaks"
The Gospel of Thomas "In Modern Day Language"
The Jesus Bible "the Christ's Version"
The Creative Power "at the Center"
The "I AM" Principle
Experiencing "A COURSE of MIRACLES"
EMAILS TO JAMIE "a True Story"
Experiencing "the Hidden Magic at the Center"
THE HIDDEN MAGIC "at the Center"

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