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T.S. Alexander

T.S. Alexander June 05, 2020



Book Listings

Kirkus - Critical Recommendation May 2020
Readers Favourite Five Star Award
T.S. Alexander

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Pen Name
T.S. Alexander
Where I Live
I was born a few years after man’s first landing on the Moon and I always believed more is to follow. After 45 years, I still believe it. The Haillar world is dedicated to all those who never ceased to dream that space exploration is possible, that mankind can find new homes among the stars …

For more than 35 years I’ve read Sci-Fi and Fantasy, two or three books per week. At least five thousand books at a rough count. I’ve read each possible genre. Some were good books, some were brilliant books. Eventually, I decided to give it a try, to start writing myself and hopefully, my books will bring joy to other fiction fans, the way worlds imagined by others enchanted my life.


THE HAILLAR UNIVERSE - Sci Fi Series Trailer

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