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Maggie Carpenter

Maggie Carpenter Updated February 28, 2015



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Maggie Carpenter
Maggie Carpenter

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Maggie Carpenter
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Erotic romance novel featuring Dominance and submission.
Who Is Maggie Carpenter? Most of the time, when you read, About The Author, you discover that said author has three dogs, two cats and a turtle named Harley, lives in Oregon and likes to hike with her husband of five years. Generally the piece is written in the third person. I have no quarrel with such an expose, it's just not for me. If you are reading this I'm going to assume you really do want to know About Me, and I want to give you that, from me, personally and sincerely, so here you go. I write erotica, and about the Dominant/submissive dynamic because I am a submissive, and having experienced the thrills and spills that D/s romance offers, I don't just feel eminently qualified to do so, but I am truly, deeply and wholly passionate about it. Every second of every day it's on my mind and in my heart, which, by the way, has been shattered in a thousand tiny pieces, and made shining and whole and filled with joy. Such are the highs and lows Dominance and submission brings. Having tried and failed with vanilla relationships, during which I was constantly frustrated and unfulfilled, I came to an understanding and acceptance that vanilla simply doesn't work for me. If you read my blog you can learn more about the addiction to this lifestyle, and while every interaction is unique and based on the wants and needs of the individuals involved, they each share one truism. The submissive wants and needs the romantic domination of her man, and the Dominant wants and needs the gift of submission his girl offers. Who is Maggie Carpenter? If you would like to know more, I invite you click this link. I believe it will answer that question in full. In case you're interested, I live in California, am still open to Mr. Romantic Dominant knocking on my door, have a lovely mare I ride every day, and the cutest mutt you've ever seen. Thank you, truly, for your interest, and if you choose to read them, I hope you enjoy my books. I would love to hear from you. I mean that. Don't be shy. You can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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