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Rickey Russell

Rickey Russell Updated June 13, 2013
Rickey Russell

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Rickey Russell
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There are currently three excerpts posted at Wattpad for readers to check out!
When Karen Ison learns of the disappearance of her neighbors she searches for answers. With the help of a stranger she soon embarks on a journey that will lead her into a world of legend and magic.

Demon In The Mist is a novel-my first novel-about woman who sets out to find answers about the disappearance of her next door neighbors. The story is set in Appalachia. After a stranger comes to her door seeking the same answers she is together they embark on a journey into horror and legend. In this story several other notable characters come forward who also learn more about the truth behind the legends of the Demon that lurks in the mountains, awaking to feed in cold months until the next spring.

Demon In The Mist is a story of magic, shamanism and nightmare which sets Karen Ison and her companions on their true path to destiny. In the end not all of Karen's companions will survive the horrors of the Demon in the mist, but then again Death is such a relative term that holds little finality on a cosmic scale. There is magic in the light and in the sun. There is also magic in the shadow and the abyss. The veil that separates the worlds of creation and destruction are in a constant struggle between balance and chaos and it is up to Karen and her friends to save the realm of Man from the Realm of the demons.


Demon In The Mist Book Cover

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