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Edward B. Farber

Edward Farber Updated February 25, 2015




Edward B. Farber

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Where I Live
St. Louis, Missouri
Shout Out
New novel published by Rocking Horse Publishing is now available on Amazon in both ebook and print editions. The book, Elixir of the Incas, is a historical novel set in New York’s entertainment milieu in the 1890s. Here’s the publisher’s quote from the book’s back cover:

“Billy Brannigan, handsome, brash and savvy, arrives in New York in 1893. He seeks stardom on the gas-lit stages of New York’s bawdy music halls and vaudeville theaters after spending years honing his skills and learning to pedal the cure-all medicine, Elixir of the Incas. When his partner, Daniel, arrives, Billy begins his quest for fame and fortune. The duo mix with talented acts, willing showgirls, colorful songwriters, and meet many of the famous personalities of the fabulous Gilded Age (John L. Sullivan, Victor Herbert and Tony Pastor among others). Each finds love but discovers that love, like life, seldom follows the path chosen. And when those paths diverge, their friendship comes crashing to a halt.”

It’s Billy’s relentless pursuit of fame, money and respect that spurs him on to success although the cost is great—lost love, failed friendship, intense personal conflict, even a murder charge. But that’s the rest of the story.

Print edition:
Kindle ebook:

Also read, Echoes of Clara Avenue, a collection of short stories by Eward B. Farber, a Kindle ebook:
and the non-fiction collection of humorous anecdotes, Looking Back with a Smile, Kindle ebook:
Ed Farber's writing career spans more than half a century as a copywriter, creative director and ad agency owner. After leaving the world of business, he has devoted his creative efforts to his two, passionate loves--writing and painting. Ed is the author of three books all available at Amazon. His newest book is a historical fiction novel, Elixir of the Incas, set in 1890s New York. His non-fiction book, Looking Back with a Smile, is available on Amazon Kindle as is his Echoes of Clara Avenue, a collection of short stories, some of which have appeared previously in literary magazines. You can see both his artwork and a sampling of his short stories on his website,, which also is the site of his blog, in which he writes about art, writing, reading and anything else that interests him (and that, he says, covers a lot of territory after 83 years of observation.) or his facebook pages: .


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