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PFLands Updated May 30, 2013



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The Netherlands

'The Erotic Short Story Club' celebrates the strength that female friendship can give us, the joy and pain of relationships, learning to live life in a calm and positive way for better health and happiness - full of passion, fun, love and sex - and explores female fantasies in a frank, honest and empowering way. Set in contemporary UK and told through the lives of Alex, Kim and Emily (who live in London), and Oona (who lives on the south coast), the story takes place over one year where the four strong, sexy female characters embark on a journey of discovery together, getting to know themselves, and each other, better along the way. They decide to start ‘The Erotic Short Story Club’ together, to make sure they meet up more regularly in their busy lives and have fun at the same time, a ‘club with a difference’ - not a cooking or book club, but something more. The settings for the monthly meetings are in each of the main character’s homes, where they take it in turns to share their erotic stories, some good food - including special meals celebrating the coming of each season - and support each other through their real life ups and downs as best friends do. We see them grow in confidence, both personally and sexually, and we learn positive lessons about life to take away with us from the book.

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