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Charles Edmund Coyote

Charles Edmund Updated May 31, 2013



Book Listings

The book has been in the top 100 Amazon's bestsellers in the Iraq War category, and the 21st century history category.

4.8/5 stars on Amazon

The book has been voted:
#7 on the "Best History Books on the topic of "WAR" &
#15 on the "Best Iraq and Afghanistan War Books" on Goodreads.

4.5/5 stars on GoodReads


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Charles Edmund Coyote
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With more than 600 citations, ranging from insider memoirs to the accounts of journalists, former government officials, policy wonks, military leaders, and news broadcasters, the 'Iraq War 2003: What Really Happened Behind The Scenes' develops a thorough analysis of what led the Bush administration use the 'War on Terror' to attack Iraq.

The book answers questions like:

o What was the strategy of al-Qaeda and how did it lead to 9/11? What was the Bush administration's response to this strategy?

o What military strategy did the U.S. pursue in Afghanistan that routed the Taliban and nearly annihilated Al-Qaeda within a few months after 9/11? What prevented our troops from administering a coup de grace?

o In his war with Iran, Saddam Hussein used weapons of mass destruction, including several poison gases. Where did Saddam get these WMDs? How were Donald Rumsfeld and GHW Bush involved?

o The war with Iran left Iraq with massive debts. What was Saddam's solution to these debts? What did the U.S. ambassador to Iraq say to suggest our acquiescence?

o What are the fundamental beliefs of conservatism? How have the actions of neo-Conservatives revealed different beliefs, particularly in the areas of government debt, habeas corpus, and the moral basis of sound government? What is a noble lie?

o What is the Tolstoy Syndrome and do you think it affects George Bush?

o The creation of "political capital" enables a President to push through his full political agenda, according to George Bush. How does this concept of "political capital" apply to Iraq?

o What is the connection between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein?

o In the summer of 2001, what members of the government believed there was a very strong possibility that al-Qaeda was about to attack? How were their arguments received? The phrase "the system was blinking red" was used at this time. What does it mean?

o How did the Bush administration manipulate public perception and discourse after 9/11 so that it could argue it was trying to avoid war in Iraq?

o Were the French right during the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq? Here, address the evidence for WMDs and the idea that war is a solution.

o What effect did torture have on the war in Iraq? Did it aid recruitment by al-Qaeda? What percentage of American casualties in Iraq can be attributed to non-Iraqi fighters?

o What is asymmetrical warfare? Why is the U.S. vulnerable to this strategy?

Its first few chapters focus on the opening months of the Afghanistan War and Osama bin Laden's escape in Tora Bora, then segue into the invasion of Iraq, telling how the Iraq War of 2003 unwound largely to the benefit of al-Qaeda and the fundamentalist government of Iran. The book unpacks in an engaging and logical sequence detailed and documented information about a difficult time in modern American history.

'Iraq War 2003: What Really Happened Behind The Scenes' is an attempt to understand what went wrong, with the hope that, as we continue facing similar challenges, at home and abroad, we might learn not to exhaustively tread the same paths.

Patriotic concern, like the imprisoned lightning to which the book subtly alludes, threads its way through the pages, reminding its readers of the people, ideas, and inspirations that called for America to be its best.

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