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PD Allen

PD February 05, 2013
PD Allen

Author Details

Pen Name
PD Allen
Where I Live
North America

PD Allen is the author of over a dozen titles, including the Under Shattered Skies trilogy, Fiddlesticks, Complete Tales of da Yoopernatural and several volumes of Quantum Meditations.



Quantum Meditations 10
Quantum Meditations #4
Quantum Meditations 8 ~ the Imagination series
Quantum Meditations 01
Quantum Meditations 6 ~ Underworld & The River
Quantum Meditations 9 ~ Save the World and The Rose
Quantum Meditations #3
Quantum Meditations 7 ~ Skein & Wizards All
Quantum Meditations 5 ~ Physics of Existence
Murderer's Sky Book Trailer
Quantum Meditations 02

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Welcome to AuthorsdB
Hi there, you've made a good choice signing up here at AuthorsdB. I joined on January 15 and have gotten a lot of exposure since then. It's a growing site, but I think we've gotten in on the ground level...good luck, RJ Parker
PS I will have to check out your books they look interesting.
Owner's reply February 05, 2013

Thanks RJ. I'm still sort of feeling my way around here. I hope this site brings more exposure than some of the others of its kind. It certainly has potential. I'm checking out your page right now. Very interesting.

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