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Robert Alex Bell

Robert Alex Bell Updated June 10, 2013



Book Listings

"Pride's adventurous, clever, but, better yet, he comes with flaws."
Ted Bell
New York Times Bestselling
Author of Alex Hawke Thrillers

“Bob’s Pride's Puget Sound is a rattling good read. His hero, John Pride follows closely in the footsteps of such classic private investigators as Chandler's Philip Marlowe and MacDonald's Travis McGee, but updated to the modern world of the Internet, violent ecological protest, and the vested interests of big business and the genetically modified food industry.”

“Anyone who likes fast action, twisting plots, and exotic locales to say nothing of flashbacks to a subplot of Scots and the naval War of 1812 cannot fail to be taken in from page one and kept turning the pages to see what happens next.”
Patrick Taylor - New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the
Irish Country Doctor series.
Robert Alex Bell

Author Details

Pen Name
Robert Alex Bell
Where I Live
Puget Sound, Washington

John Pride is a forensic accounting investigator for the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He lives on a Puget Sound island west of Seattle, and he enjoys the quiet life between cases. When he receives an unexpected phone call with unfortunate news it sends him packing his bag and flying to the mainland. At the University of Washington someone has cut short some genetically modified organism experiments with an explosive bloodbath. John is the investigation’s only hope as their best evidence is internet based––Pride’s specialty. His investigation takes him to Chicago, the Caribbean and back to his Puget Sound home. John Pride, almost retired but always up for adventure must stop those terrorists responsible––or else it could be his last case.

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