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L. Dwain Boswell

L. Dwain Boswell Updated June 11, 2013
Author & Speaker L. Dwain Boswell

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L. Dwain Boswell
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The average person starts a relationship putting their best foot forward. They are dressed to impress and quite often personal fulfillment is very much on their mind. This book has over 10 years of uncut and candid observations about why the current relationship culture continues to fail. It exposes relationship games in a way that informs and empowers, while providing a new approach to success. In addition, it provides a fresh perspective to the questions: • Is love at first sight possible? • Are all men dogs? • How long should I date someone before marrying them? In public forums these are just a few of many questions that come up, but there is often not enough time to elaborate, as people are desperately longing for the details. This book will become a relationship map at your fingertips. All you have to do is open it and began reading this insightful exposé of the game, and let it transform your relationships.



Successful Relationships

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