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Robert Thomas Doran

Robert Thomas Doran Updated June 13, 2013
Robert Thomas Doran

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Robert Thomas Doran
Where I Live

This book is an odyssey through mental illness. Having its origin in a severe emotional trauma, the main character spirals from depression into a deep emotional abyss. In that darkness he struggles and resists impulses to commit acts of violence, as well as suicide. His descent lands him in a psych unit overdosed on anti-psychotic medications. The book ends on the threshold of his recovery, with the help of a skilled and caring therapist. One Amazon review puts it succinctly as, "What mental illness looks like from the inside. The book is perhaps unique in its unblinking portrayal of mental illness. The book is in fact a memoir thinly disguised as a fiction. Its unflinching honesty is what gives clarity and illumination to a human condition which is hard for un-afflicted individuals to comprehend.

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